A lot of Blaudzun beauty in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam

2012-07-27 2

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: the official release of the LomoKino music video by Dutch singer-songwriter Blaudzun. A special release party with lomographer and filmmaker David who’s made the music video, and an intimate analogue performance by Blaudzun himself.

Photos by Marije en mrmaart

The music video for the song Solar went live on YouTube on Thursday June 21st. Many photography and musicfanatics were blown away by the result. All that color, the sun and happy people. That was exactly what lomographer David had in mind for this music video. Curious about what the film and editing was like? Then check
this article!

After the online release the moment for the offline release had arrived. With a big screen in front of the LomoWall we are all set. The fridge filled with cool beers and the guest list endless! While the event wouldn’t start before 19.00h, it already was quite cramped at 18:00h! Everybody wanted to get a good spot to watch the music video and Blaudzun.

Credits: marije & lomographybenelux

Around 19.30h we were ready to present the video. The place was cramped and listened to David telling about his experience shooting the film. How he got the idea, what inspired him and how he’s worked together with Lomography to realize this project. Obviously a lot of questions from the audience needed to be answered as well. When all questions were answered we started the beamer and showed the video on the big screen. Only a big screen does justice to the beauty of the music video!

Credits: lomographybenelux & mrmaart

We saved the best for last – the performance by Blaudzun himself! He himself on guitar, his two other band members on accordion and a big drum. He played 3 songs from his latest record Heavy Flowers. They also saved the best for last: they ended the performance with Solar. With the music video still playing on the screen in the background, it sure was a magical moment.

Credits: lomographybenelux & marije

We recorded the event, very sneakily, with an iPhone.

As you might have noticed in this digital clip, there was someboy shooting with the LomoKino. Curious about the outcome? Check this out:

…and because we just can’t get enough of it – the Solar music video:

We’re all up for a new creative adventure with the LomoKino! You’ve got something in mind? Share your story and ideas in the comments. We are always excited to hear about creative projects within our community.

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