LomoRoadShow to the Max at MadNes 2012


The second edition of the LomoRoadShow at MadNes festival was even bigger and better than in 2011. Off we went, to party and take lomographs at Ameland, one of the Dutch islands, with the LomoRoadShow van and the entire Lomography the Netherlands team. Time for a recap!

Credits: mrmaart

Fridaymorning, June 30th, 8:00h: meeting “fritssi”:/homes/fritssi, joers and anna-lomo at the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam to pack our big green LomoRoadShow van. A bit tired at this time of day, but full of enthusiasm! After the small ‘oops I forgot my keys will get them now and be back asap’-incident, it was 9 o’clock and we were off to “MadNes 2012”:http://www.madnesfestival.nl.

Like previous year we were part of the big lineup from MadNes. This year however we were programmed with the XL edition from the LomoRoadShow: meaning even more lomographic activities and goodness. Not only were there workshops for the La Sardina, the LomoKino and the Diana F++, we also organized a hysterical La Sardina Scavenger Hunt and a very very special LomoMatrix aka the Mega Matrix.

Friday evening, June 30th: After a long drive (for Dutch standards) to Ameland, we arrived at the beach at Nes. GJ from MadNes was awaiting us with his tractor – we needed some four-wheel-drive action to get our van onto the beach.

After some digging and driving around at the beach we found a place to park and start unpacking. All we needed was to set up a table, some chairs and a flagpole for the LomoRoadShow flag, and we were ready…

…to start a classic trunk-sales-operation by Miss_Madri and s0y! The MadNes crowd could restock on film from the back of our van! We were ready to start the LomoRoadShow!

Credits: mrmaart

In search of mustaches, sunscreen art and hung-over-Harry’s

On Saturday morning we started our LomoRoadShow program with the La Sardina MadNes Scavenger Hunt for real adventurers! Going hunting on the beach?! Yes, hunting for points to be achieved by completing as many assignments as possible. With a good list of assignments and their hands on a La Sardina, the participants were good to go. The purpose of the Scavenger Hunt was not only to complete the assignments, but also to capture them! Just to name an example – to complete the Sunscreen Art assignment you must create an artwork from sunscreen! Capturing your masterpiece with the La Sardina could result in up to 10 points! The participant with the highest score gets an awesome lomographic prize! Here are the assignments aaaand the winner of the hunt!

  1. Meet&Greet – take a picture of a bandmember from MadNes and get 5 points. 10 points if you get to hold their instrument!
  1. Shoot the bird – seagulls all over the place. Capture them and get 2 points a bird. TIP: double exposure = double price!
  1. Act like a German – what is it again that Germans do at Dutch beaches? Indeed, digging holes! Dig yourself in and let someone else take a picture. 15 points!
  1. Caught in the act – imagine yourself being caught with some toilet paper on the camping. We all know the feeling. Capture your neighbor taking a sprint to the toilets – 10 points!
  1. Sunscreen art – get crazy with sunscreen and act like the Andy Warhol of the beach. Classic masterpieces score 10 points!
  1. Yoga Poga – rise and shine in the early morning with Yoga Poga at the beach! Capture your inner Buddha in a nice Yoga pose and capture 10 points!
  1. Flip-flop rumble – MadNes = surfing = flip-flops. Capture as many flip-flops as possible and receive 1 point for each flipflop! Ca-chiiiing!
  1. Beachwear-swap – guys wearing bikinis and girls wearing shorts, you know what we mean! Swap those outfits and make a switcheroo portrait. 10 points for each switched couple!
  1. Like a fish in water – luckily the La Sardina doesn’t smell like fish, but there are quite some fishies to be captured here at MadNes! Capture a fish, in the broadest sense of the word, and SNAPshot that motherf*cker!
  1. Biermeister – what’s a festival without any beers? From how many beers can you drink in one go? Show us and get 10 points! TIP: fountains work miracles…
  1. Glow in the dark – we love lightpainting. Make a nightshot artwork that illustrates MadNes. A wave, a surfboard, a ramp, whatever! Draw it and cash in 20 points.
  1. Crowdsurf the Sardina – and yourself, obviously. Do you have the guts to crowdsurf with the La Sardina? Shoot yourself in the face and get 30 points. 10 BONUSpoints for a inflatable boat or any other means of transportation!
  1. Pillow fight – smash those feathers! Get as many participants and start the war. 2 points for each pillow-warrior captured.
  1. Sky is the limit – take your Sardina to greater heights and capture the festival from helicopter view. The pilot gets 10 points!
  1. Hungover like Harry – take advantage of all those hungover Harry’s in the early morning and get 5 points for each hangover. 5 points extra when they’re still drinking!
  1. Sunny MadNes – protect yourself from the sun and get as many sunglasses on there as possible! 2 points for each pair of glasses!
  1. Mustachiooo – mustaches! Either drawn or the real deal: the bigger the better! 5 points for each mustache.

Ohohoho, it was hysterical to see all the MadNes hunters going out with their Sardina, hunting for their assignments. We received the results from the Scavenger Hunt back from Dr. Lab and have laughed our asses off. All photos were amazing, but only one can be the winner… With a grand total of 152 points, the winner is:

Ijoya van Gemert!

Ijoya, you will receive the following Lomography prizes:

The biggest challenge in the Scavenger Hunt was rewarded with 30 points and was the Crowdsurf the Sardina – capturing yourself crowdsurfing with the La Sardina. There were 2 people who completed the challenge: Ijoya and team Tineke & Esther. Really awesome!

Crowdsurfin’ the La Sardina

When at the beach, there is sun. Where there’s sun, there are sunglasses! One of the assignments was to capture as many sunglasses on one head as possible. The same goes for flip-flops, which were also gathered excessively for the hunt. The results are amazing:

Flip-flops and sunglasses all over the place!

Moustaches! Somehow, a big hit at festivals. Same goes for this MadNes Scavenger Hunt! For each moustache the participants would get 5 points, and this was what they did!


And this photo just calls for a shout-out to the duo Shayenne and Thijs! Look at it!

The Queen of 120 Cameras

Right after the hunters left, the First participants of the Diana F+ workshop+ arrived, so we could start the most popular workshop of all times. Our workshop guru Stephan, was good to go!

Credits: mrmaart

Most of the participants were not yet familiar with Lomography and the Diana F+ camera+, so it was quite a challenge to learn how to handle the queen of 120 film.

Analogue drawings

We all know that the MadNes crowd is amazingly creative and ready to get active, that’s why we went looking for hidden artistic talent. Quite a few people took up the challenge to create the coolest drawing in the book. These were the submissions:

We have unanimously agreed that the drawing from Celine Hooijdonk was the best, and with that she has one a La Sardina Capri!

Drawing by Cecile Hooijdonk

Taking pictures with a sardine can

Last on the program on Saturday was the La Sardina workshop. Yet again an enthusiastic bunch of lomographers to be, just waiting to get their hands on the sardine can and get shooting! After some tips and tricks from Stephan they hit the road…or uh, the beach.

Credits: mrmaart

3,2,1…Action! The LomoKino Workshop

On Sunday morning the heat from the sun made sure we didn’t stay in our tents for too long – off to start our last day on Ameland! This day all eyes were on the “LomoKino”:http://shop.lomography.com/lomokino and as the icing on the cake: the Mega LomoMatrix! We decided to shoot one big LomoKino movie from all the footage from the LomoKino workshop participants. With 11 “LomoKino":http://shop.lomography.com/lomokino cameras loaded with film we were ready to shoot! Excited to see the results? Here you go:

This movie has been made possible by lomographers: Rosanne, Marlies, Maaike, Nienke, Ruud, Siri, Bart, Jildau, Simone, Sun en Marie. Thanks for all the awesome camerawork!

The Mega LomoMatrix

As the icing on the cake on an already supersweet weekend: the Mega LomoMatrix! As you might now, months of preparation have gone into building the biggest and most technical LomoMatrix ever. An analogue experiment which makes 15 cameras go off all at once – a somewhat bizarre but very exciting project. Blood and tears have gone into this project, but the results are amazing.

There were a lot of participants for the LomoMatrix. Not only were there 15 La Sardina cameras to be operated, but we also needed people to do some cool moves. The cameras were accurately positioned and with 10 meters of cable release connected to the detonator. After two test shots we were ready for the real deal. Amongst Jeroen with Mr. Nest-y, we also captured a lot of other cool people and moves.

Credits: mrmaart

Sorting and editing all footage of the Mega Film was quite a job. Fortunately our Lomo Amigos
Sjaak and Nout were super kind to help us out, and the outcome is amazing. Here it is!

We want to thank everybody participating or helping with this special experiment. The detonator-chest is ready for its next adventure, so hopefully we will organize another Mega Lomogratrix! Keep an eye on the magazine for future updates.

The weekend at Ameland was amazing, hopefully next year there will be another LomoRoadShow at MadNes. Fingers crossed! First we’re off to Gent on July 28th and to Groningen on August 11th!

Credits: mrmaart

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