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What does life really mean to you? Does it sound fun, happy, dangerous, emotional, short? If I can only choose one word to describe what life means to me, it will be love. If you disagree with me, I believe you will not survive until this day and read this article. Love could be someone, somewhere, and something that you are passionate about. It’s the power for you to dare to dream and live.

Is there anyone out there that you are concerned about right now? It can be your friends, family members, friendship, pets, girl/boyfriend. But, let us talk about friendship for now. You don’t even count how many years it has been since you’ve been friends. Do you even still remember how you got to know each other? In my situation, I won’t count it but I look through our photos instead. A few days ago, I had a look at some of my photos of friends from years back, and started to figure out when these photos were taken, because now, they look so different from our last hang out.

I always love taking pictures of things from my daily life, and places I’ve been before but rarely explore further. I love to take some photos of desserts when I feel emotional, and they keep me calm. Sometimes, I do love to snap any interesting scenes, even if I see them everyday, just to look back at them or keep them in my memory.

“Life is all about daring or nothing.” I love this quote because this, to me, is a fact about life.

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