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Cyclists are riding on the back of Olympic success in London, and are ruling the roads to boot. Get yourself on two wheels in the Capital and enjoy snapping away the sights with an analogue camera tucked up your sleeve.

Now London has its fair share of transport; the stuffy tube, airy overground, bolshy transit vans, noisy scooters, the quintessential black cab, ever-present double-deckers and even canal boats masquerading as homes. But if you ask a Londoner what mode is du jour at the moment, they will inevitably tell you that the cyclist rules the road.

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The Olympics and gold medal predictions have aided the reputation of the cyclist, and now Britain is speeding ahead with the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton, and all of those two-wheelers who fancy their chances as the next addition to the GB cycling team…

Rain or shine!

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Most importantly though, it gives you the chance to shoot surreptitiously from your quick getaway vehicle. On two wheels you can snap away unnoticed, getting that crazy angle and unpredictably interesting perspectives.

It could be a half-lit building at dusk, bathed in evening sunshine captured whilst standstill at a traffic light, which would go unnoticed on foot. Or a glimpse of a private romantic moment on a corner, the couple held in time, or a cultural hot spot transformed by a double exposure. Either way, spinning around a bike gives you the chance to explore photographic angles that the norms just don’t. You might even catch a glimpse of a moment in time, this Banksy at Kentish Town, which has now been removed.

So the message is clear – get on yer’ bike Londoners and tourists alike and enjoy the Olympic city in all of its glory…on two wheels!

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