Little Bauhaus in Big Hong Kong

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Little Bauhaus in Big Hong Kong! Yes, Bauhaus made it to this spot – albeit a hot-spot – in the South Pacific! There are only 2 existing buildings from the 1930s, from the original time of the Bauhaus, that are left in the city where skyscrapers engulf most old-buildings in their paths.

When people refer to the Wan Chai Market on Hong Kong island as Bauhaus they aren’t fully correct. While it’s reminiscent, the facade is actually influenced by the design style Art Moderne which was a late form of the Art Deco architectural style, also from the 1930s.

Below are two views of the Wan Chai Market.

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In light of this “mis-labeling” the only true Bauhaus inspired building that stands on the territory is, yet another fresh food market, Hong Kong’s Central Market. The original market was a Western marble structure, completed in 1895. Thus the market that stands today is a replacement which re-opened on 1 May 1939 – and we’re glad that it did!

And here are two views of the Central Market:

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Image via flickr

And here is a find, of what looks like a school tower, that’s very reflective of the buildings found in Hong Kong built from the 1950s onwards as, prior to that, Hong Kong had a height limit on buildings! Can you imagine that?

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