(Accidentally) Seeing Double: Bokeh and Redscale

2012-08-06 6

Accidental doubles are simply the best — nothing beats the unexpected treasures that can fuse together without the photographer’s knowledge! Here is my experience with double exposures, computer shots, tea time, redscale, and surprises.

Credits: dearjme

One day, my friend chloweeeee suggested that we check out a local tea place in Chinatown, for a girl’s day out and a chance to snap some photos! I panicked, because I wasn’t sure what sort of film I wanted to use to properly capture the luxury and elegance of a tea party. Would I go the usual route and do some x-pro? Or would some color negative or even some redscale film do the trick?

Credits: dearjme

Ultimately, I recalled making some diy redscale film months before, so I decided upon using that roll in my Lomo LC-A+. Hopefully, the warm red tones would compliment the atmosphere of the day.

Credits: dearjme

We had an amazing time, snapping photos of the beautiful tea parlor and our delicious finger foods. Also, Chinatown is known for its great Euro-inspired architecture, so we took a Lomo-walk around the area, continuously taking pictures.

Credits: dearjme

What I didn’t know, was that I had already pre-exposed my redscale film, many months before, taking shots of bokeh pictures on my computer screen!!!

I had absolutely no recollection of it, until I received my film back from my local lab, who had complained to me because of the odd film I had turned in.

“You know, there’s double shots on the film, so we couldn’t tell where to cut the strips!” the lab technician snapped at me.

Of course, you can imagine my surprise when she said this, because I had thought nothing of my film being double exposed — I had simply shot photos and advanced the film, nothing fancy.

Credits: dearjme

After scanning my redscale film, I was in awe of my results. Wonderful bursts of color and shapes filled the photos, overlapping perfectly with the beautiful decor of the tea parlor and the environment outside.

Credits: dearjme

It almost reminded me of Christmas, with the festive red lights, and the warm colors.

That being said, I want to try more accidental doubles!

My plan is to pre-expose more rolls of film, shooting the entire roll of silhouettes, shadows, lights, or colored gradients from my computer, jumble them up, and leave it to chance where to shoot the second exposures.

Time will only tell how the results come out.

But this unexpected experience with the bokeh lights and the tea house has been one of the most rewarding and delightful throughout the two years I have been in love with Lomography.

Credits: dearjme

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  1. benedan
    benedan ·

    Pre-exposing with shots of bokeh from your computer is a great idea that I want to try.

  2. juhudi
    juhudi ·

    amazing pictures!

  3. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    @benedan Thanks! many Lomographers have tried this method with pictures of sceneries, textures, etc and have gotten amazing shots, too :)

  4. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    @juhudi thanks dear!

  5. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Amazing pictures is little!

  6. violiet
    violiet ·

    Hi! I really love your pictures with the bokeh! You mentioned about taking bokeh pictures from your computer. may i ask what does that meant? Do i just find any image of bokeh and take a picture with my LCA+ ? Thank u for the help! :)

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