Kapahulu Safeway: A Cheap Foodie's Dream

2012-07-30 1

When it comes to food, choices, and convenience, Safeway can’t be beat. The Kapahulu location in Honolulu, Hawaii is especially known for its large interior space and luxurious food offerings. My inner foodie absolutely adores this place!

Now I know what you must be thinking… “A locations article about Safeway? Seriously?” And yes, I’m dead serious.

I am well aware that Safeway is a major corporation, known for its wide grasp upon the convenience weakness of mass America, and perhaps a less than okay treatment towards its many employees, but… I can’t help but fall in love every time I walk into the palatial building of the Kapahulu Safeway.

There are many Safeway locations around the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

However, the one location that is most known for its size and plethora of offerings is the Kapahulu location, which is also nearby the University of Hawaii at Manoa – making it quite convenient for poor students (like myself) to trek down and buy some late-night snacks.

Kapahulu Safeway, like most newer Safeways, is equipped with a Starbucks stand inside, which offers all the same drinks as the regular cafe – albeit I don’t think they accept Starbucks gift cards and certain discounts.

This Safeway also has a huge area to sit down and study in, which is a plus for students who are looking to get away from the loud university dorms, and may want a change in scenery from the library. There are many chairs and desks to either eat from, to talk around, listen to music, and relax.

In particular, the bakery section is quite lovely to walk around and gaze at.

I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of the various treats and sweets the bakery put out, from the huge cupcakes with extra frosting and cute decorations, to the amazing meringue pie that stood 4 inches high (don’t mind my feet, that was an accidental double that I’ve rather taken a liking to).

Turns out, I accidentally took some doubles with my shots of the majestic cheese section at Safeway, with photos of my love playing the guitar. It’s so interesting that even though the overlapping photos are of completely different worlds, it’s still so fascinating to see how the exposures come out.

In conclusion, this gem of a grocery store sticks out to me so much more than a regular store. There are so much more choices and ready-to-eat offerings that the Kapahulu Safeway offers to its patrons, that I can’t help but keep returning more and more.

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  1. nigelk
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    And Leonard's is across the street!! That's my weakness.

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