Fun with the Fishy: A Sunny Day with a Bright Orange Fisheye


It was a really sunny day out in London so I chose to grab my camera, pop in some film, and get out of the house. I didn’t really plan on what I’ll be taking shots of that day, I basically just pressed the shutter each time I saw something that I didn’t want to miss.

When the sun is shining, don’t just sit at home and watch the birds fly by, grab a camera, any camera, whether its your mum’s old one or your dad’s brand new camera that he got for Christmas. Don’t think about where you’re going, just walk. This is what I did on a really hot day in July, and in London, it doesn’t get really hot very often so I took the opportunity when it came. I ended up at our local park and stopped by the pond and took some shots there, but I started putting bits of myself in the photos too and adding a variation of colours, just to add interest and change the subject of the shot. There are a few photos like this, including the one with the Union Jack flags and a very bad attempt at a thumbs up.

You’ll remember the shots that you take that day because you didn’t have a plan, because you were spontaneous, and took shots of the moments of life in that one day that you liked the look of. I used to take photos because I thought they would make a good photo, but now I take them because I want to remember them, I need to remember them.

The surroundings that are around us can provide us with a way out or a place to escape to, that now, whenever the sun shines, I take out a new film, and whether I take just a few shots or use a whole film, those photos will sum up my day and once they’re developed, you can see how even though they weren’t intended to be beautiful, they still turn out that way somehow in the end.

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written by rachiiroo1080 on 2012-08-13 #lifestyle #summer #sun #green #beauty #space #parks #britain #fisheye #public-space #jubilee

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