One with Nature: Monasterio de Piedra

2012-08-07 1

As I said in the first part, lately, my breaks tend to be accompanied by nature and far from big cities. It’s what I have all day. In this second part, we go further to the North, specifically, to the Monasterio de Piedra in Nuévalos, a small town in the province of Zaragoza (Spain).

Our tour began in the morning and just enter to the Park we were shocked with the amount of huge trees and vegetation that make this a perfect landscape to use the Lady Grey 400 film, which we loaded in the Canon EOS 300.

Credits: marieta

We continued going through the path where we first found waterfalls. Here I already used different color rolls and more cameras, such as the Diana Mini, even did some double exposures with the Disderi 3-Lens Camera, although one did not come out well-framed:

Credits: marieta

Ultimately, the tour was very entertaining and we even made several doubles and jump shots in the middle of this great park:

Credits: marieta

In short, it was a day out from the routine of cars and noise in an ideal setting, giving free rein to creativity.

Where will I use my cameras again? I’m sure that whichever place I will go to, nature will accompany me.

PS: I spoke in plural because I did the trip with my boyfriend, who was a very active part of these albums. Perhaps, someday, I will see you here!!!

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