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2012-07-24 2

This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “44 Days in Europe with 54 Films: Now an Analogue Addict” by thestranger13 from Singapore. For her cross-country travels, she found that she needed her digicam less and less as she discovered the many wonders of the LC-Wide! See some shots and read the story here.

Photos by thestranger13

“Just two weeks of practice with the LC-Wide, I embarked on my 44-day trip to Europe with it and my Canon G12. Initially my G12 was often seen, taking repeated shots of my LC-Wide for fear that the photos will not turn out well. After I had my first few rolls developed in the second country I visited, Italy, the G12 was never seen again. I was a full analogue tourist. Now a film convert, and it’s all because of the ==LC-Wide.==”

Read more from 44 Days in Europe with 54 Films: Now an Analogue Addict by thestranger13.

It takes guts to ditch your technological comfort zone and dive headfirst into something you’re not used to anymore. And guts is exactly what community member thestranger13 had on her Eurotrip. As most analogue photographers know, an entire roll can go awry with one wrong flick of a switch. Regardless of the risk of not shooting digital back-ups, she had faith in film and kept shooting with the Lomo LC-Wide. Analogue gods be good, she was very pleased with how the Lomographs turned out. “To say that I am a film convert is an understatement. I have become an addict.”

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