'Itsy Bitsy' Fisheye Baby 110 Workshop


Been eyeing the Fisheye Baby 110 since its launch? Now’s your chance to get up close and personal with this camera that fits your palm and packs a punch! Learn more about the Fisheye Baby 110, and have a ball of a time experimenting with its multiple-exposure feature to create eye-popping pictures that’s guaranteed to make you go gaga!

Credits: clickiemcpete

Three cheers to the revival of the 110 film and the introduction of the Fisheye Baby 110 into the Lomography family! Now that we’ve got this teeny weeny (but incredibly astounding) camera, we can now follow the Ten Golden Rules of Lomography even better! In this workshop, we’ll approach our subjects as close as we want, and fully utilize the camera’s abilities!

What: “Itsy Bitsy” Fisheye Baby 110 Workshop

When: Sun, 26th Aug @ 3-5pm

Please RSVP for workshops as space are extremely limited.
E-mail your name, contact details, and the workshop title to: shopsingapore@lomography.com

All camera workshops cost $10 and include a loaner camera and a roll of film. Bring your own camera to use during the workshops and get 50% off the admission fee. All attendees will receive a 10% off coupon to use at the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore. Please arrive 10 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to begin in order for us to start on time!

Where: Lomography Gallery Store Singapore
295 South Bridge Road #01-01

+65 6223 8850

Fisheye No. 2 has a 170-degree wide angle view and stunning barrel distortion. Now with a hotshoe and multiple and long exposure capabilities, the world’s greatest compact Fisheye camera is now more amazing than you ever thought possible! Available in different colours and special designs.

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