From Rapper to Analogue Rastafarian

2012-08-13 1

From West Coast Rapper to reincarnated Jamaican Rastafarian, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg is releasing a new analogue sound. Check out the first track of Snoop Lion’s latest album, recorded on vinyl!

Reincarnated, Snoop’s latest LP will drop later this year making it his first record released under his new pseudonym Snoop Lion.

As you can hear in the track, the song sounds pretty retro, could be because it’s done on vinyl, check out photographs of the process.

All images from Snoop Lion's tumblr

For those of you who need a little visual accompaniment, we found this video:

So, what do you think, should Snoop explore this new direction or stick to what he knows best?

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  1. gothcupcake
    gothcupcake ·

    It's certainly an interesting direction for him!

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