Hereditary Talent: Monica Dombrovskis


You’ve heard of her Father, Peter Dombrovskis, but have you heard that his daughter has an eye for art as well? Monica Dombrovskis has her own Australian fashion label and is becoming more and more popular in the news.

On the fashion label’s official website, her fashion and design is “inspired by clean lines, understated sophistication, young love, old Hollywood and small luxuries.” Check out some of the designs below. I’m sure you’ll agree.

Her first collection, Mon Amie, has romance and calmness written all over it. Calm colors were used, highlighting the actual shape of the dresses. Check it out!

Photos by Dombrovskis

Dombrovskis recently launched her second collection, LA Living (already available online). In this second collection, you can tell that this Sydney-based fashion designer is little bit more flirty and colorful. Me likey!

Photos by Dombrovskis

Hear what Monica has to say about her label and her experiences as an emerging label.

Read about her father, Peter Dombrovskis, and you’ll understand where she gets her talent. Or visit her website to learn more about her fashion label.

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