Rouen: Old and Colourful!


While I was doing my erasmus in Paris, I decided that I didn’t just want to stay in Paris and not see more of France. One of my escapades from the city was a one-weekend trip to Rouen, in the north of France. I had heard about it’s buildings before, so one Thursday morning I was leaving Gare Saint-Lazare seeking a new adventure. Let me tell you about.

Rouen has a lot of history, was one of the most important cities in the middle ages, was French and English in the past. Joan of Arc was executed there. And it is mostly known by it’s half-timbered buildings and it’s Gros Horloge (big clock). But these are all things you can find in a tourist guide, so let me show you my perspective.

The first thing I loved about it was how colourful the city was. There’s colour everywhere! It’s so nice to walk those colourful streets. The city still has many very old half-timbered buildings and they paint the wood in a different colour each building. It feels like such a happy place.

What I also loved was it’s narrow little streets. Coming from a city like Lisbon, with narrow streets, but now living in Paris with it’s large avenues, I almost felt home again. I have missed those mysterious and secret corners that I was used to in Lisbon.

I was most intrigued by it’s church with differently shaped towers, it is something I’ve never seen before.

As I said before, Joan of Arc was executed there and you can find a modern church with boat-shaped ceilings and a cross marking the spot.

The old, very old, and beautiful court house of Rouen, used to be the houses of parliament of the region.

And of course, the Gros Horloge (big clock). A big clock part of a tower in a central business street. It’s is so beautiful, have a look:

You can also find a little river passing through the old part of the city:

I have loved my time there, France is a beautiful country with many, many beautiful places to visit and things to see. If you have the chance, spend a few days in Rouen. It will for sure please you. And don’t forget to find this little coffee shop/pastry shop, it has so much charm for a small, beautiful place.

Don’t forget your camera, and go outside…outside you hometown, your country, just go outside. Have some Lomofun!

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