Japan's Master Street Photographer Daidō Moriyama to Visit Hong Kong in August!


If you are interested in Street Photography, you must be familiar with Japan’s Master Street Photographer, Daidō Moriyama. The best is that he will holding his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in August and will be meeting with photography enthusiasts!

Daidō Moriyama

Japanese Master Photographer─Daidō Moriyama Photo Exhibition
Venue: Taikoo Place ArtisTree
Date: 5th October to 4th November

Master Street Photographer Daidō Moriyama is well known internationally for his blurry, shakey, out of focus, high contrast, and strong grainy black and white photography style. He deviates from the norms and likes to challenge the Japanese photographic establishment with his raw and realistic works.

Come this summer, Moriyama will visit Hong Kong at the invitation of the Photography Festival. He will meet with photography fans to talk about photography, street photography, and his photography style. For those who love Daidō Moriyama, this is the chance to interact with him face to face!

Photos from leicafans.cn
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