How Do Olympians Eat?

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Only five days left until the 2012 Summer Olympic Games begin and we’re already hungry for the fast-paced photos our London Lomographers will be sharing with us! To get us pumped for the friendly competition, Reuters photographer Umit Bektas loads up on the lean and mean Olympic diets of Turkish athletes. See how the pros eat here!

Elif Jale Yesilirmak, Wrestling, 3,000 Calories A Day. Photo by Umit Bektas/Reuters

Athletes spend many years training vigorously and preparing rigorously for their participation in the Olympics, should they be fit. As we look forward to the London Olympics opening on July 27, 2012, these professional players from Turkey hope to show us that healthy bodies are the anthem to sports success.

In their case, discipline isn’t just about adhering to a set of game rules; it’s also about making the right food and lifestyle choices. Turkish photographer Umit Bektas of Reuters shares with us what the strict diets of world-class athletes look like.

Fatih Avan, Javelin, 3,500 Calories A Day and Mete Binay, Weightlifting, 3,500 Calories A Day. Photos by Umit Bektas/Reuters

“Turkish javelin thrower and Olympic hopeful Fatih Avan, 23, poses for a picture in Ankara (May 29, 2012). Avan made the world’s second best throw of 2012 but the Olympic Games have a special place in his heart. “I may have become an elite athlete with my good performances but I can only be a great athlete if I can win an Olympic medal,” he says. Avan complements his rigorous training schedule with a nutritional programme which gives him a daily intake of 3500 kcal. His diet is mainly protein-based. “A good diet is essential for power. A correct and consistent diet proves its value in my training,” he says.

Similarly, Turkish weightlifter Mete Binay, 27, has a 3,500-calorie diet. The world champion weightlifter drinks at last two glasses of milk daily and consumes mostly red meat. To bulk up, he also eats a lot of sweet desserts and always has a full breakfast. He has also added ergogenic aids and vitamin pills to his regimen.

Nur Tatar, Taekwondo, 1,500 Calories A Day and Merve Aydin, Track, 3,000 Calories A Day. Photos by Umit Bektas/Reuters

Instead of gaining weight, first-time Olympic competitor and Turkish Taekwondo fighter Nur Tatar, 20, must must lose some to participate in the appropriate category. She has reduced her daily calorie intake to 1,500. Meanwhile, 800-metre runner Merve Aydin, 22, and wrestler Elif Jale Yesilirmak, 26, must stick to their 3,000 calorie meals. “Instead of red meat I generally eat salmon. I believe fish is more healthy and nutritious. And also, lots of water. I drink a minimum of five litres of water every day,” Elif says.

Good thing the Lomographer’s diet is mostly made up of zero-calorie films. ;-) Are you excited for all the action from the Summer Olympics 2012, aren’t you? Be sure to share your photos with us!

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