Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival 2012


Ever miss the slapstick humor from Charlie Chaplin’s silent black and whites? If you’re in Ireland or planning to travel to Ireland between August 23rd and 26th, 2012, then you should visit the Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival 2012 in Waterville!

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Look at all of these Charlie Chaplin snapshot tributes! His one of a kind humor has made many of us laugh, and it’s time for us to pay a tribute to the man himself. One event that combines film, comedy, performing arts, culture, and music will be paying tribute to the legendary comedian.

The Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival 2012 that will take place in Waterville, Ireland is the place to be if you’re looking for a laugh. This fun festival is the second annual event that the people of Waterville hosted. The event is held to honor Charlie Chaplin’s life and work that remains relevant and influential to today’s comedy.

Want some more humor? Or maybe a dash of circus extravaganza? Check out Photokina 2012, find Lomography's booth and prepare to be amazed. You will find anything and everything about circus there! In the meantime, enjoy this slapstick flash mob:

Visit their official website for more info or checkout their Facebook page! Here’s a Flashmob that they did in Dublin to promote the festival. Check it out!

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