Lomography Orca 110 B&W: The Low-Fi That Fits Me!

2012-07-26 1

Attracted by the possibility of using micro-cameras with 110 film, I decided to just buy and try a Lomography Orca 110 B&W film a few months after their launch. The results were even greater than I expected! See why after the jump!

I do not have a Fisheye Baby 110 yet, the only camera that Lomography at the moment allows you to use 110 film. However, while waiting to buy it (because I fell in love and absolutely must have it!), I bought on ebay a Kodak A1 Pocket Camera, a box camera-that looks like a toy.

Hearing the sound, indeed I stand corrected, the noise from the shutter when shooting seems almost a joke…the snappy sound of soft plastic seems not true that you are shooting!

But anyhow…this photo is taken with this camera and Lomography Orca 110 Black & White Film! I like it!

In an era dominated by word “high,” used in technology and fun (just think of the haunting words “high tech,” “high quality,” “high fidelity,” “Full HD”) and promises more realistic graphics than real emotions, it is really difficult to find something GENUINELYLOW.”

Here, I found this “quality / non-quality” in Orca 110, the low-fi/lo-fi I wanted and I needed. After the first roll, I was immediately surprised: the graininess of the image, the low resolution of details although maintaining a strong contrast. I was pleasantly surprised.

I immediately thought of the pictures of the past steeped in the atmosphere typical of old British tabloids. Here are my results, that are the first of many, I’m sure!

From a film like that and a economic camera without any kind of settings, I never thought of being able to pull off a shot like this. It’s is my favorite of all in the roll!

The only flaw I encountered was a clear halo that is imprinted on the starting and ending frames of the film It is due to the large holes that are on the beginning and end of the strip and which serve to hold the film in the plastic cartridge. I hope that in time will be possible to solve this little problem.

Throughout the rest of the film is highly recommended to all those like me who try to impress nostalgic about their shots.

What are you waiting for? Why don’t you give it a try!

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    We need more Orcas!!!

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