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Lilreddotfolks X Lomography is having a giveaway this July. Check this article for details. Brought to life by the fashion and trendsetting editors at Lilreddotfolks are the following, vibrant editorial photographs of Singapore’s young, hip and trendy, personalities in the world of fashion.

Singapore is diverse and unique. So are the lovely people that make up the city. With their own fashion sense and way of pursuing and achieving their dreams, the following responses to Lilreddotfolk’s questions are inspiring.

Image via lilreddotfolks

This is the ever fashionable Nur Hanis , hijab stylist from Singapore.

LRDF: Who is your style role model?
N: I pick up style inspiration from different people. I don’t stick to one style- I can be a flower girl one day and a rocker chick the next.

Image via lilreddotfolks

This is the rocking fashion blogger Hosanna Swee .

LRDF: Your fave shoe brand & food:
H: Alexander Wang, hands down. He does a really marvelous job creating effortless and sleek designs that are not overly-trendy, practical enough to last you through seasons. As for food, I’m a true blue local at heart so nothing beats a legit bowl of prawn mee to complete my day. And where to find the best prawn mee in Singapore? Zion Road for sure.

Image via lilreddotfolks

This is Amanda Keisha Ang, the graphic designer & illustrator at “An Everyday Muse”.

LRDF: Describe your style in five words:
A: Colourful, Easy, Ever-changing, Kooky, Vintage

Image via lilreddotfolks

Here’s Felix Loo, the Founder of Poshism.

LRDF: If you could live within a movie, which would it be?
F: Project X. Sometimes you just crave for that party of a lifetime.

Image via lilreddotfolks

Supermodel Sheila Sim gives all budding models advice while striking a pose with the La Sardina Camera & Flash – Quadrat.

LRDF: What’s your best advice for aspiring models?
S: Finish school then chase your dreams after you graduate.

Image via lilreddotfolks

And last but not least is Angel Coco Chen, a Design Communication student at Lasalle, who reminds us of the lovely Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

LRDF: If you ran away and joined the circus, what would you do in it?
AC: A Burlesque fire dancer!

Catch more fashion-forward photographs taken by lilreddotfolks on their Facebook page.

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