Seeing Double: Surreal and Powerful Multiple Exposures


Could you say sometihng in one image? How about in two? Imagine two things that you love and put them in the same place, in the same image. Open your eyes and shoot twice!

I never imagined the power of multiple exposures until I got my Fisheye camera. It has been a really nice experience, the simple idea to mix diferent things, subjects or just two moments that deserve to be remembered.

You have different ways to get doubles. One one way is through the marvelous MX button that some lomography cameras have. Press the button and shoot again! Other cameras like the Diana F+ don’t need this button, just shoot, shoot, and shoot again as much as you want.

You can think about your photo before, or maybe you just prefer do it randomly. It is really fun and you have many cameras able to do multiple exposures in the same frame: LC-A+, Fisheye 2, La Sardina and Diana F+ are some of possiblities that lomography offers you to experiment and feel this amazing experience where you can create surreal and amazing images.

The other way is to use up all the shots of the film, rewind, and reload it in your camera!

Finally, one of the favorites and exciting ways used by lomographers to do doubles is by swapping films with other lomographers around the world.

Doubles taken by jonathansajoux and qrro

I think the most important thing about it is that always you’ll always be surprised and rewarded with this amazingly analogue way to take Pictures.

Let’s do it!

written by jonathansajoux on 2012-08-03 #lifestyle #mx #doubles #lomography #double-exposures #seeing-double #analogue-lifestyle #boton

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