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Devín: A Surviving Beauty


Only 15 minutes away from the busy capital of Slovakia, Bratislava lays Devin. Devin is a small village-looking suburb of Bratislava, famous for its ruined castle and old church. Since I’ve lived here, these two beautiful buildings became symbols for my home. Let me tell you more about Devin and it’s beauties after the jump.

Credits: livi

Devin, Dowina, Theben, Dévény, there are many names for this beautiful place that I call my home. I’ve found many inspirations for my photos here. The Danube, vineyards, castle, church, gardens, smiling faces, a lot!

Credits: livi

Most of the tourists go straight to the castle and spend their time on the exposition or some nearby restaurant. It was built in the 8th century in the strategic place where river Morava joins the Danube. The castle stands on a high cliff above the rivers and looks monumentally from the path below and offers spectacular views from the top. After Napoleon stopped by and dropped a couple of bombs back in 1809, there are just a few stone walls and a well. A favorite subject of photographers is the only standing tower. There is a romantic legend about a girl jumping from there to the Danube after her husband and knight was killed on their wedding day.

Credits: livi

Another favorite place is the square with Devin’s white church. At the square, feasts with children’s performances and wine tasting are often held. Wine making is a favorite hobby in Devin. Once a year, the wine cellars are opened for the public to come and taste wine. Art is another part of Devin. You can see statues and art of locals everywhere. There is also a couple of art shoppes and art cafes.

Credits: livi

But if you are more of a wild hiker or nature’s child, there is something for you too! Go swim in the Danube River or hike up to ‘Koliba’ – the highest point in a nearby hill. There are beautiful views at the castle. Just wait for the sunshine and enjoy it!

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