Stressed by the City? Go Wild in the Lake District!

2012-07-26 1

Living in London can be stressful add to that a miserable wet summer. There is nothing like an escape to the North of the country and feel/see nature! A great spot: the District Lake in the North of England.

Credits: zipper

English summer can drive anyone crazy: it is mainly grey. But last summer, I discovered a place that changes the “usual” idea most of the people have of the British summer. In the Lake District, you can really disconnect from city life.

You will find lakes that are as clear as glass.

And if you dare, you will feel how refreshing the water is:

Credits: zipper
That are sourced by lovely streams

And when the sun goes out there is nothing better than a little hike up Cat Bells.

Credits: zipper

It is all about enjoying a day out in a great wild place!

Credits: zipper

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