Pet Portraits


Adorable, weird, big, pretty, and not-so-pretty, are the pets that we have chosen to care for. Some people choose their pet looking for a loyal friend, others think they’ll probably find a good guardian or maybe a partner to work in the farm. The reasons definitely vary but usually, the thruth is that we are just hoping to find a good companion in them.

We don’t know what they are thinking, but we swear they understand us. How smart can they be? The only thing they lack is the ability to speak. It doesn’t matter if it is a dog, cat, bird or horse, we need to communicate with them, maybe they cannot understand our words, but surely they can sense our feelings and they can “hear” our ideas.

What do you like to do with your pet? Maybe play with a ball or go swimming in the pool? Why not? Our pets are always there for us, waiting for some signs of interest from us.

Well, I’ve never had a pet and maybe it’s for this reason that’s why I think they for a really amazing article topic. I find the relationships between people and their pets awesome. They really reflect who we are.

written by jonathansajoux on 2012-07-24 #lifestyle #cat-dog-horse-chicken

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