Spinner 360 Race 2: Spin A Backflip

2012-09-10 21

Welcome to the 2nd Spinner 360 Race. Have you got what it takes? Is your Lomography Spinner 360° lumber enough for this challenge? Let’s find out!

For this rumble we want you to capture the vertical perspective of your environment. This would include yourself and everything else situated in front and behind you! Just like this:

Credits: mohajek

How’d you do it you ask? Simple! Just hold the camera in front of yourself but turn it by 90 degrees. Instead of the classic landscape horizontal aspect, you will make a vertical photograph. Jumping whilst doing this for extra dramatic perspectives!


  • Prizes: One winner of 30 Piggies and two runner up prizes of 15 Piggies. One overall winner selected from the winners of each Spinner Race will win a Spinner Motorizer.
  • Film/Camera Type: A Lomography Spinner 360° photo not digitally enhanced or manipulated.
  • Upload Limit: 2 photos
  • Minimum Photo Dimensions: Submissions must be at least 768px.
  • Meta data must be completed (camera, film, location & 3 tags).

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  1. johnccc
    johnccc ·

    Woop !

  2. jasiehasie
    jasiehasie ·

    Now i wish i had a 360 spinner even more!

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·


  4. thehallofeinar
    thehallofeinar ·

    Sorry to ask such a dumb, dumb, dumb question, but can you tell me EXACTLY how to enter please? I can't see ANY way of submitting a photo.

    Many thanks for your help!

  5. webo29
    webo29 ·

    hey @thehallofeinar you should be able to submit shots right above where you left this comment.

  6. thehallofeinar
    thehallofeinar ·

    You might have to be a bit more exact than that please!

    It says "Enter this competition - you have submitted 0/2 photos so far." Then there's a "Use any search term and press enter." search box. Then it shows my most recent photos with the date and time underneath them. There's a sliding bar showing 1-6 pages. Then the statement "8 people like this article."

    I'm using Google Chrome and don't see any way of choosing my photos or any 'Submit' button at all. Please help!

  7. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @thehallofeinar - you then select the photo you would like to submit from the photo selection you mention, click on it and choose submit. That should do it.

  8. thehallofeinar
    thehallofeinar ·

    @webo29 - many thanks for bearing with me - it's just that there's no 'Submit' text or button anywhere even after I've clicked on an image...

  9. thehallofeinar
    thehallofeinar ·

    The words 'Close' and 'Submit' appear under all my images except for the vertical Spinner ones - it's a bug!

  10. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    @webo29 I have the same problem of @thehallofeinar ! I use Mozilla Firefox and don't see the buttons "submit" and "close" under my photos!!

  11. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    I think because the vertical spinner images are too long, so the side down is cutted!!! Why?

  12. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    @thehallofenair ok, I solved in this way: just go on the photos from your account, in your albums and select from the dropdown menu next to the photo the competition to which you want to participate! Ciao!

  13. freddiefaith
    freddiefaith ·

    I almost bought this camera while at the Austin lomography store, now I wish I had!

  14. thehallofeinar
    thehallofeinar ·

    @cryboy Many thanks for that solution - really helpful of you to post it! In the meantime I've entered with the images horizontal...

  15. cryboy
    cryboy ·

    @thehallofeinar of nothing! Good luck to all for this competition ;)

  16. supervision
    supervision ·

    @cryboy Thank you :)

  17. hailkingstewie
    hailkingstewie ·

    Can anyone enter this comp or is this a race thing...
    Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm getting a lone of the camera next week

  18. zemor
    zemor ·

    i entered !!

  19. webo29
    webo29 ·

    @hailkingstewie of course!

  20. sarah-addison-dobard
    sarah-addison-dobard ·

    I just have a hard time developing my spinner pictures. So expensive! My local lab doesn't know what to do with the negatives and my scanner is too old. The lomography film service is super expensive though!

  21. thehallofeinar
    thehallofeinar ·

    And the winner is?

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