Unconditional Love: My Dog Yuki and Her Moods LOMOfied!

2012-07-25 5

Are you fascinated by your dog’s various moods? No better way to capture all the wonderful moments than a lomograph!

This year there have been two life-changing entrants in my world. My dog Yuki and film photography!

Credits: deelightful

I absolutely love both! Animals make for very interesting photography subjects and a pet that you know well makes snapping away a very fun activity indeed!

Little Yuki enjoying a siesta

Yuki is still a puppy and will soon celebrate her first birthday. She is a very active dog and as most dog-owners would relate; it is extremely difficult to get her to be still for a photograph. From all those times when she was running around, merrily playing; I have several blurry photos that I’m not very fond of but lately I’ve taken to clicking her photos when she’s asleep or when she is just relaxing after a long walk.

My early days with the Cosina CT-1 Super were quite fruitful. A trusty camera for my trusty dog!

Credits: deelightful

Then came the Yashica Electro 35 GSN that gave me a taste of crisp photos and sharp colours!

There she is, at the window again, trying to shoo away her arch enemy, Meow – the watchman’s cat.

As time went by, Yuki kept growing as did my love for lomography! She learned to fetch a ball and where not to pee and poo, and I learned a few lomographic tricks myself! I bought the lovely LC-A+, which now goes everywhere with me and Yuki!

She seems to have discovered the solution for world peace

The LC-A+ is truly a joy to work with and having seen the developed pictures of my first few rolls; I must say I give complete credit to the LC-A for good shots because I’m still learning and more often than not, I forget to adjust the focusing distance and ISO to give the desired effect but the LC-A always finds a way to make it work! :)

The surreal double exposures and fun Splitzer shots is the cherry on top of my LC-A+.

Credits: deelightful

I love that with film photography, the emotion of that moment somehow oozes out into the picture. Documenting my life with Yuki has never been more fun because film is crazy, exciting, chaotic, beautiful, and unpredictable just like my little Yuki! :)

She stands by the window to watch us leave and we promise to come back soon. So adorable.

How has your experience been shooting your dog/cat/hamster/rabbit etc? Do share!

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