Lomography is on MILK – The 20th Anniversary of Lomography


Unbeknownst to some of you, Lomography is stepping into its 20th Anniversary this year. The trend-leading magazine MILK (ISSUE 574) from Hong Kong made a fat feature on this incredible year for Lomgoraphy…

Source: www.milk.com.hk/

If you are lucky, grab a copy and read the full feature. For now, we’re going to share some of the highlights with you. Beginning with the start of Lomography in 1982 twenty years ago, tracing back the story of Lomography…

Year 1982 – Consina CX-A was improved by LOMO’s Panfilo, in the same year the first LOMO LC-A was born.

The first Lomography Gallery Store was born in Hong Kong in 2007 five years ago, and today Lomography has launched over 30 Lomography Gallery Store across the globe including United States, China, Japan, England, France, Brazil, etc.

The Lomographic map covers Spain, England, Germany, Brazil, France, Taiwan, Canada, Italy, Japan, Holland, Belgium, etc.
Lomography has collaborated with different brands including Fred Perry, Lee Jeans, Hello Kitty, producing unique special edition cameras.
Lomography started building the community online prior to Facebook. Today Lomgoraphy.com is available in 13 different languages, achieving 93 million photo uploads, 1 million members…
Brat Pitt and Russian Red shooting with the Lomography cameras.
Lomography Founders Matthias Fiegl and Sally Bibawy were interviewed by MILK for this special feature.

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translated by tattso

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