A Stop Motion Affair Part 2!

2012-07-30 1

After my first go at stop motion while shooting the Lomography Manchester HQs shutter painting, I wanted to test myself and told my friend I would do a stop motion video for his new band.

The Manchester based outfit are called “Letters to Fiesta” and I decided that the lead singer Anna would be great to focus on.

I was unsure how this was going to work but had some pretty strong ideas. I knew I wanted to shoot her close up after seeing a beautiful video by the singer Sol Seppy. I’d bought some lights from eBay second hand and thought I could use these to light her from each side. As I knew this was a no-budget affair I would need to keep it simple.

I quickly put some make up on her and sat her in front of a blank white wall in my living room. I decide to shoot three rolls of her on my Canon EOS and these were Lomography Redscale, Xpro Chrome, and some Fuji black and white.

We played around with this and I was unsure how it would come out. When I got the shots back, I’ve got to say I quite like them. Unfortunately, I have had to use some digital sequences in the project as I am running low on film! If I had endless supplies, I would definitely have gone for the whole thing in film as I think the quality has that certain feel you just can’t get with digital.

When the project is finished, I will post a link of it at the bottom of this article so you can check it out!

Let me know how you are all getting on with your stop motion projects and post links in this article below. I think it is something I am going to be doing a lot of!

Over and out for now x

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  1. davidpowell
    davidpowell ·

    Looking forward to the result- gutted I couldn't get involved!

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