Pet Portraits: Lola and Trudy the Most Photographed Dogs in Manchester

2012-07-26 3

So last year we decided to take the plunge and added two new additions to the family. Two King Charles Cavalier puppies called Lola and Trudy!

My family’s love affair with the King Charles Cavalier breed of dog started when my sister bought her dog Meg. My mum later bought our family pet Millie.

Millie is a local star in Manchester and even has her own picture on the Lomography Gallery Store Manchester HQ’s Lomo wall.

Like other pet lovers, I always end up finishing the ends of my rolls of films with pictures of my girls Lola and Trudy.

Since getting two dogs, I found myself talking even more than usual to random strangers. You end up talking to other dog owners about key moments in your dogs’ life as if they are your first born child.

For me, dogs have always been a really interesting subject to photograph. I think the relationship between dog and man can be one of the most special and as you can imagine, watching the film “Marley and Me” is far too harrowing to even try and discuss!

I would say that I am a bit doggy mad, I love taking pictures of other people’s dogs when I’m out and about and people seem to be generally OK about it.

Dogs bring something special to your life and I love getting the girls out and about in the great outdoors. It can be difficult as everyone you pass in the park wants to stop and cuddle them!

So let me see your dog pictures, copy and paste links in the comments box below!

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    I love Lola and Trudy!!!!

  2. jennysparkle
    jennysparkle ·

    Lola and Trudy love you too! x

  3. elletra
    elletra ·

    This article made me smile :D

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