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Hello! My name is Tess and I am currently a high school student in England and soon I will be writing a series for all you other lomographers.

Credits: tesslucia

Name: Tess Smith-Roberts
Age: 15
Location: Norwich, England
LomoHome: tesslucia
Series/Section: LomoTess

I became interested in photography a few years ago when I first went on holiday to Malta to visit my dad. It was beautiful there, and he taught me a few basics about taking photos. A few months later in December, my dad came to stay with us for a few weeks and he gave me a DIY pinhole camera from Urban Outfitters. I put it together, and took a few photos around my local city of Norwich. It was my first experience with a film camera, and the pictures came out absolutely awful. I didn’t care though, I was amazed that a little cardboard box, that i had made myself, had actually managed to take a photo. I fell in love with analogue photography, and ever since then, i have been hooked.

The next week I had some Christmas money, so I went to Phil’s Camera Shop down a little street the city. My pinhole camera had really fascinated me so i wanted to purchase a better analogue camera; I was spoilt for choice in Phil’s, it was like Ollivanders wand shop in Harry Potter. The shelves on the walls were full of old cameras and there seemed to be a million more on the counter and in boxes underneath. I eventually chose a beautiful chrome buttoned Olympus Trip 35 with a case and some film, all together it cost £20, which was quite a bargain. Later that week we went to Southwold, where I took my first pictures with it, I love the colours and the grain of the photos; they just seem so much more beautiful than digital.

Credits: tesslucia

In my series, I will simply be writing about my experiences with analogue photography and you will be able to follow me along the way. My first topic, which I will be writing very soon, will be about my first experience with developing a roll of black and white film in my school’s dark room, here’s a sneak peak of one of the photos I developed.

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