Colorful Streets of Montreal

2012-07-24 1

My one day analogue adventure through the streets of Montreal. Walking with my trusty LC-A+ taking pictures of things that are seemingly ordinary but behind the lens it is anything but.

It was a hot day but not crazy, melting hot. I just took my LC-A+, loaded it with X-Pro 200 Lomo film and I was out the door.

Walking the streets, riding in the car…I took pictures of various passersby, of anything and everything. I love street photography, mainly because it seems to make something that is ordinary to the naked eye, extraordinary when you see it through the lens.

In my case, the lens was of LC-A+ and it just couldn’t get any better. Or so I thought. When I got my scanned negatives back, cross-processed and all…I was astounded! The colors, the feel, and the mood was exactly how I wanted to capture the day.

It was amazing! Now that is the way to end a gorgeous day!

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