At One with Nature, a Spontaneous Summer Boating Affair!


A few weeks ago, I decided to be more spontaneous. Luckily for me, my family feels the same way and also love nothing more than being outside in the great outdoors!

Over a two-week period, some amazing things happened. It was extremely sunny in Manchester, The Stone Roses reformed and performed at a free gig at the Parr Hall in Warrington for around 1,000 lucky revellers, which led to me drinking heavily, taking time off work and randomly hiring a barge for the day with my family for a summer boating affair!

So after an amazing gig and a couple of spontaneous days drinking in the sunshine, I woke up and thought to myself, I would wander off to shoot some shots for the Manchester Lomo wall. I put a call in to my mother who by chance, had decided to hire a barge for the day with some of my family members!

I decided this opportunity was too good to miss. The boat had already set off from Warrington about a 20-minute drive down the motorway to Manchester. I thought to myself, I could drive to the nearest town and dump my car and set off on a sailing adventure, Jack Sparrow style. However, this could be extremely irresponsible of me as I have already been drinking for two days on the trot and today was supposed to be my alcohol-free day. I knew that I should meet up with my brother who was skipper of this canal boat that this would not be the case!

So as you can imagine, I did what any adopted Mancunian would do. Drove to the nearest town, dumped my car and hopped abroad!

I had the most amazing day! It’s so quiet along the canal and I got talking to some hippies who had moved up north from London. They had been event promoters in London and bought a barge for a quiet life.

It struck me that there seemed to be a lot of younger people living on the barges and they all seemed to be drinking in the sunshine. It made me really want to sell my house and buy a barge!

It seems like a sociable life although I can imagine it gets hard in the winter. Since this weekend of spontaneous behaviour occurred the sun hasn’t really made much of an appearance in Manchester! I’m glad I made the most of it!

So have you had any unplanned nights of mischief in the outdoors lately? I certainly hope so!

Big love x

written by jennysparkle on 2012-07-27 #lifestyle #nature #boating #slide #jenny-winstone #cityslickr #jennysparkle

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