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2012-07-18 6

So we already compiled and tabulated everything that are needed and came up with this list! You could be one of the lucky likers who will receive that Lomographic product you’ve been dreaming of!

Credits: ghidini

Exactly 20 days ago, we had a rumble wherein in we asked you guys to confess whichever of the Lomography products you fancy having in your hands without getting empty-pocketed! By simply clicking the like button, your wish will be instantly granted, easy as that!

For the Cameras Edition, the LomoKino came as the top-liked shooter of them all! Nothing beats a movie made entirely from film! And the lucky-liker is 134340

Next up, are the Accessories! There are just too many to choose from, but the Community thinks that a Lomography Ringflash is something of an essential! So, who will be receiving it this time? It’s none other than crossbrasil

Now that you got the camera and the accessories you need, what’s left to have are the Films in order for you to get started shooting! And it turns out that the Lomography X-Chrome 100 is the most demand emulsion, but there’s only one out of you who’ll get this! It’s alko

Congratulations to our winners! You guys just know what you want and like it like that! We’ll soon get in touch with you for further details on how you’ll receive the goods! See you in the next round of the clicking rumble, until then!

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  1. 134340
    134340 ·

    oh! oh! Thanks a lot LSI :D

  2. wapclub
    wapclub ·

    @134340 อิอิ lucky จริง ๆ

  3. flashstalker
    flashstalker ·

    @134340 congrats!

  4. flashstalker
    flashstalker ·

    @crossbrasil @alko congrats!

  5. alko
    alko ·

    THX :)

  6. 134340
    134340 ·

    @fookshit it's been a while i would like to know when the camera comes to me :) it would be great if you check. thanks a lot :)

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