'Gelar Jepang' Japanese Festival at the University of Indonesia

2012-07-24 3

At the University of Indonesia, we have an annual event that showcases Japanese culture, from yakisoba to cosplays, I want to share this year’s “Gelar Jepang” as seen through the lens of my Diana F+ Cai Guo Qiang edition with the 35mm back!

University of Indonesia has many awesome events and one of them is “Gelar Jepang.” Gelar Jepang (GJ) is the festival that feeds your enthusiasm of Japanese culture. This event, held on 13th-15th July, is well known enough to Japanese lovers and is always crowded by flocks of fans!

Credits: arydwiaji

Here you can get everything about Japanese things. Anime, Cosplay, Every single Japanese decoration, and part of Japanese Culture like Tanabata. In this event also there are some stands that sell Japanese stuff, Yukatas, Mangas, Anime Character Key chains or Costume, and also food and beverages from Japan like Takoyaki.

Credits: arydwiaji

The most interesting part of this event is the Street Cosplay contest. You can see people with anime character costume everywhere. and you can freely capture it with your camera like i did. and it’s so wonderful have them in my films..

Credits: arydwiaji

So, I decided to take my Diana F+ Cai Guo Qiang and hunt every single piece Japanese Culture here. Let’s meet at next year’s Gelar Jepang at the University of Indonesia? :)

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    Thanks :)

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