Craft Crazy: 5 Nifty DIY Tipsters for You to Try


Are you in the mood to try something crafty and creative? Why don’t you try your hands on some interesting DIY projects, whether for something to jazz up your camera, make your photos more interesting, or simply do more with the materials around you!

We recently shared with everyone some nifty DIY Tipsters for the La Sardina, and to keep the crafty vibe going, we thought of featuring some more of them! You must have come across these creative projects these past months, but we’re putting them on spotlight once more, in case you want to try them again!

Photo by sidsel

Let's Make a Lomo Scrapbook by sidsel

If you have one of those beautiful Photo Accordions, and like sidsel, you feel it’s too nice for displaying just a handful of photos, then, it’s time for you to get crafty and turn it into a nice scrapbook! Use it for your drawings, doodles, prints, stickers, and many more!

Photo by natalieerachel

Creative Corner: Getting Organized with Lomo! by natalieerachel

Lomographer natalieerachel has a running tipster series called Creative Corner, where, as its title suggests, she shares with us some artsy ideas and neat projects to try. In the tipster above, learn how to make a nice folder to keep your school or office paperwork organized, analogue style!

Photo by dashu

Create a Stylish Bookmark with 35mm Film by dashu

Are you an analogue reader? Then, you will enjoy this super easy project by dashu. If you have some of those blank 35mm film strips, don’t throw them away—turn them into beautiful film strip bookmarks instead!

Photo by gulgamp

Having Fun With the Fisheye Circle Cutter by gulgamp

One of the entries for the Clever Collage Rumble, this tipster by gulgamp is one of the best examples of what you can do with the Fisheye Circle Cutter. Very clever indeed, so check the tipster out and see how you can make your own fishy clever collage, which would also make a perfect birthday card!

Photo by lislisdotnet

Make Your Own Photo Coasters by lislisdotnet

Who doesn’t want his or her own photos displayed around the house? But, if you would like to have your snaps displayed in a more functional way, check out this tipster by lislisdotnet and try making your own photo coasters!

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