Seeschloss Monrepos


The three hundred year old castle with its lake is a beautiful spot to rowboat or just hang out with good friends.

The first version of the castle was built in 1714 by Eberhard Ludwig Duke of Baden-Württemberg, and in 1755 remodeled by the duke Karl Eugen to its present day appearance. The lake was shaped to a square which must have been in vogue back in the 1700s.

The lake is surrounded by great meadows that allow enough space to sunbathe, play or just hang out with good friends. A great gimmick for the younger folks are the row and peddle boats that are rented by the lake shore. You can row your way past swans and ducks, the old chapel on an island and the many birds nesting on the lake shore and islands. It is just a nice spot to escape the urban landscape of the near by cities.

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