US CitySlicker aqualad: It's Summer, Get Underwater

Take your camera underwater for some extra fun. What’s the best part of summer? Being able to take advantage of the underwater camera that you dug up from the closet. Most people will say the best part of summer is being outside, at the beach, on the lake, camping. All true, but rarely do your photos give you that look or feel of “being there.” However the underwater camera really helps break through.

For decades companies have been making cameras that you can take with you on all of your adventures. Nikon had the whole Nikonos series manual focus 35mm’s and in the 80’s a lot of brand were making various water resistant point and shoots. As a kid I always wanted one of these, but could never really afford them, however now being a member of the working, I am trying to play with as many of them as possible.

The underwater point and shoot is a pretty great option for a go to point and shoot. Under or Over water. Typically underwater you only have about 3 feet of usable light, so the lenses tend to be a little wider and faster. When you are above water you get some great close ups. Plus since the housings are built into the camera you often get some great vignetting on the edge of the frames. Water droplets create great blurs, seeing the edge of the water breaking up the frame, all worth it. However what I really enjoy about getting rolls back are seeing how the light disperses underwater and seeing if I captured the water experience.

So before summer runs away, take a camera into the water. Either with a housing or just put it in a Ziplock bag. You will be pleasantly surprised with how your images will turn out.

written by aqualad on 2012-07-19 #lifestyle #fun #underwater #beaches

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