My Long-Awaited Diana Instant Back+ Finally Came Back Perfectly Working

2012-07-17 2

I must admit, my first experience with the Diana Instant Back+ was a mess and it was in part my fault. I just bought it in the wrong period. However, the entire Lomography team supported me throughout this unpleasant experience and now that I have a perfectly working Instant Back, I am the happiest person on Earth!

This is my short story. It was my birthday and all my friends decided to buy me as a gift my beloved Diana Instant Back+. Well, that was the beginning of all my troubles. I was very happy to finally have the Instant in my life but once I put it on my Diana F+, I noticed that all the photos were burnt and overexposed. I decided to send it back. After a while, it came back to me but this time the photos didn’t come out. Damn, I was very sad! I sent it back again, I was kind of frustrated, as you may imagine. But when a new, perfectly working, Instant Back knocked at my door, all my worries disappeared!

Now, it’s always with me. It’s a very fun accessory, that’s the reason why I strongly recommend it to anyone. The wait was definitely worth it.

Aguscello, Ferrara, Italy


Recreate your favourite Diana camera dreamy effects in an instant photo with the Diana Instant Back+! Experience instant photo gratification by simply attaching the Diana Instant Back+ to any Diana+ camera and load it with Fuji Instax Mini film. Get your own Diana Instant Back+ now!

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translated by biri


  1. sudhashunmu
    sudhashunmu ·

    i too have the same problem with my lca+ instant back just give me overexposed pics and taking it on open feild is impossible ....i am from india and i bought it from china ...i cannot return can u suggest any idea for me or tips to take perfect photos in outdoors thank you......hey nice review number 2 is an amazing one

  2. cmgawthorp93
    cmgawthorp93 ·

    I've used my instant back before and I didn't like the exposures either. After reviewing instructions and film, I realized that the Instax Mini film is at 800 ISO and with the instant back's adaptor, the film is actually to be used like it's 400 ISO instead. So tomorrow I'm going to use my new light meter and set it to 400 ISO and see what exposures I get with that. The thing about 800 ISO is that it's easily blown out in bright daylight or with the use of flash, so with a camera that really doesn't allow for lots of manual settings, it's tricky to work with.

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