DIY: Bake A Rainbow Cake!

2012-07-18 4

Happy birthday, dear Lomographer! Oh, it’s not your birthday? Well, then bake this über festive and super vibrant confection just because you can. We’re sure it’ll make for some sweet photos and even sweeter dessert! Find out how to bake your own Colored Layer Cake here and let them eat it!

Photos via P.S.- I made this...

Yes, we’ve gone into edible DIY territory and are pretty psyched about taking our cameras to the kitchen. No need for a special occasion; just a hunger for pretty colors and yummy cake! So today, we’re sharing this Colored Layer Cake recipe from P.S.- I made this....

Ready to bake a rainbow cake? Here’s what you’ll need!

Photos via P.S.- I made this.... Additional photo via Cutest Food.

“To create, follow the directions on your cake mix and whip up a tasty batter. We used two boxes of Betty Crocker French Vanilla, and dropped neon food coloring into four separate mixing bowls. Follow baking instructions and let cool completely. Slice cakes in half using a sharp serrated knife. We suggest cutting upside-down on paper plates. This will raise the cake up slightly and make the cutting process easier. Alternate cake layers, and spread a thin layer of frosting as you stack. Cover the entire cake with a generous coat of frosting to finish off. Top it off with a cool marbleized effect. Click *here* to watch the video showing how to swirl and create an out-of-this-world design!

Here are even more rainbow cake photos for your wide-eyed, watery-mouth perusal!

Photos via tumblr, tumblr, and tumblr

See the full DIY instructions on P.S.- I made this....

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  1. sassa_b
    sassa_b ·

    yummy...i've always wondered how these are made. ;-)

  2. isammi
    isammi ·

    Sooo nice! I'll do for a party, it's a very original recipe!!

  3. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    i did made rainbow cupcakes but recorded the whole experience on digital film :p

  4. klaryssa
    klaryssa ·

    ahhh yummy!

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