How Analogue Are You?

2012-08-04 4

Are you new to Lomography? Are you an expert in the analogue world? Which analogue camera fits your personality? Take our personality test and find out!

Credits: kneehigh85, natalieerachel, 0live, why-yu & livi

Look at this gallery of Lomographers with their favorite cameras! They have definitely matched up their personalities with their cameras!

How well do you know your personality? Are you fun loving? Shy? Aggressive? Emotional?

Once you got to know yourself, we can let you know if you’re ready to have your own Lomo LC-A camera or if you should still get yourself familiar with the La Sardina. Get to know yourself before you choose which camera to take snapshots with!

Not a big fan of quizzes and tests? Well you’d be amazed on how your personality can be revealed through preferences, unconscious desires, split second decisions, or simply the reactions to various events.

Take the How Analogue Are You test to find out which camera compliments your personality!

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  1. livi
    livi ·

    thank you for using my photo! In the test I actually got Lubitel as in the picture :D

  2. ilkadj
    ilkadj ·

    @kneehigh85 @natalieerachel @0live @why-yu @livi thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. enfyulfur
    enfyulfur ·

    I got the LC-A, LC-Wide and Lubitel 166+, well I actually got a Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day :D

  4. deedeet
    deedeet ·

    LC-Wide it is :)... i'm about to buy this one tho..

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