La Sardina DIY: Daehyun Style

2012-07-18 12

How does a La Sardina DIY turn out in the hands of and artist with a background in Traditional East-Asian Art/Painting? Meet Daehyun Kim and admire his delicate monochrome La Sardina DIY customization.

Hi Daehyun!

Tell us a quick something about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? What’s your background?

I’m from Seoul, South Korea, and was born in 1980. I studied fine arts at a university in Seoul, specialized in Traditional East-Asian Art/Paintings. I am working as a graphic designer in Vienna.

Birth of Us, March 2012 by Daehyun Kim via

I see you have designed your La Sardina DIY Edition in your trademark style. Can you tell us something about that? How it came about? Your inspiration etc.

I’ve been drawing this series since 2008. I think the style comes from strict rules I want to follow. I don’t want to talk about feelings I don’t know well. I don’t use colors that have no reason to be used. And I like to draw on small pieces of paper with simple tools because I think these are the only considerations I need. I like to think that this stubbornness makes my drawings unique.

Which medium do you use? Is this the same you used to decorate your La Sardina DIY?

I use black ink with pen, pigment-liner, and copic-marker. Yes, I did the La Sardina DIY Edition in the same way.

Daeyhun’s begins customization of the La Sardina DIY

I get the impression that you work mostly in black and white. Is there a reason for this? Have you/would you experiment with colour at some point?

I use black because it is enough to express what I want to say. I will try colors if I really need it!

The figures in your work all seem to have the same face. Is this someone in particular? Is it a self-portrait or someone close to you who keeps recurring?

They are nobody, and also could be anyone. I tried to find an expressionless and neutral face.

If you had another La Sardina DIY Edition, would you go about it differently? How?

I want to try to engrave on wooden plate!

Example of You, February 2012 by Daehyun Kim via

Any tips for someone who doesn’t know where to start with theirs?

I know it’s not easy, but don’t think too much!

With the new La Sardina DIY Edition you can have it all your own way! Put your artistic talent to good use and decorate it any way you want. Thanks to the interchangeable panels and special ink permeable material, letting your imagination loose on the La Sardina DIY couldn’t be more fun!

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