DIY Fashion: Feather Earings

2012-07-18 8

“What’s old is new again”. Yup, that’s an old saying and way back in the 70’s feather earrings were all the rage and DIY blogger, Crystal Donnely, made them by the bunch. If you want to make a pair – it’s simple and easy and you can whip up a bunch in no time. These would make a great project for a teenage sleepover.


  • A pack of feathers in natural colors (beige, white, black)
  • A pack of dyed color guinea feathers
  • Pony beads in complimentary colors
  • 22 gauge copper wire
  • Copper fishhook ear wires
  • Tacky craft glue or E6000 craft glue (Either works well but tacky glue in non toxic and E6000 you will need to use with proper ventilation)
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Ruler
  • Paper plate
  • Toothpick

Pick out two natural color feathers making sure they are about the same size and shape. Try to choose ones that are straight and do not curve too much. Choose two smaller guinea feathers in whatever colors you desire and make sure they look about the same as well. Squirt a dab of glue in a paper plate and using the toothpick dab a bit on the shaft tip of the solid color (larger) feather. Line up the guinea feather on top to adhere and let dry. Use very little glue and just apply to the shaft tip. Set aside.

Cut a piece of wire 2 ½”. Fold the wire in half. Twist together and wrap an end around to form a tight loop. One end of wire will be a tiny bit longer than the other. Insert both ends into a coordinating color pony bead. Using the needle nosed pliers bend one wire end up and around towards the center of the bead and insert inside and down. Do the same with the other wire end. You have tucked both ends of the wire into the pony bead leaving the loop at the top for attaching the fishhook ear wire. Repeat for the other bead.

Dab a tiny bit of glue on the shaft ends of the feathers you prepared and insert into the bottom of the wired pony bead. Repeat for other feathers and let dry.

Use the needle nosed pliers to open an end of the fishhook ear wire. Attach the earring and squeeze the loop closed with the pliers.

Adjust and bend the ear wire if necessary. Trim the feathers to make the earrings as uniform as possible. Be creative and use various colored feathers to match your wardrobe.

This tutorial is brought to you by an artist and craft designer, Crystal Donnelly, who began writing in 1992. She has had her designs featured in national Craft publications such as “Crafts n Things,” “Pack O Fun”, and in the books, “Quick & Easy Christmas Crafts”, and “201 Bazaar Bestsellers.” Her work has appeared on the television show, “Aleene’s Creative Living.” Donnelly studied liberal arts in the Virginia Community College System and Virginia Commonwealth University. Crystal is co-owner of a Saddlery store and is currently working on a leaflet detailing the dos and don’ts of equestrian wear.

Visit Crystal’s blog to see more of her awesome DIY tutorials!

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Yes, this works. I just don't like such a big thing hanging off my camera. I just cut a card to slide in the flash shoe. Works for me.

  2. thomasfleming
    thomasfleming ·

    cool, I posted one! :)

  3. thomasfleming
    thomasfleming ·

    this shouldn't annoy me so much, but I posted my comment above below the silhouette article. The feather earrings are nice and all ... but how did my comment end up here??? Not to mention, there seems to be no way of removing it.

  4. grahamwestwoodphotography
    grahamwestwoodphotography ·

    I love this idea but what is the cooking spray for? there is no mention of its use.

  5. prisca_31
    prisca_31 ·

    Nice ! I will definitely try that ! Thanks :)

  6. prisca_31
    prisca_31 ·

    Nice ! :)

  7. r4fuksake
    r4fuksake ·

    Is anyone actually monitoring this blog? Is there an administration team?
    Please let me know because it aint working proper.

  8. imaginationkid
    imaginationkid ·

    this is super simple and super fun! I love it!

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