La Sardina DIY: Oliver Style


Oliver’s La Sardina DIY is covered in hands. Curious to know why? Read on and find out.

Hi Oliver!

Tell us a quick something about yourself. How old are you? Where are you from? What’s your background?

Hi, I’m Oliver, graphic designer from Vienna. I’m 28 years old, originally from Wiener Neustadt, just a little south from Vienna and now living in Vienna for 3 years. I’m running a little graphic design studio with two friends. It is a very small but nice one. Actually, we just started it a few months ago, in Autumn 2011. Besides working for my studio, where we do a lot of editorial- and corporate design, I also do freelance work.

My graphic design work is most of the time very heavy typography-based, so I kinda live out that more free and colorful side when I’m doing illustrations, till now most of them are just play-arounds and free works.

Can you tell us something about the inspiration behind your La Sardina DIY design?

My design is meant to be a bit of an ironic comment about posing with your fingers when you get photographed. You know, all these thumb ups and peace- or even fuck-you-very-much fingers… but, of course, in a very positive way, because… everybody likes to pose…

And the reason why I didn’t draw on the lens ring… I was just toooo busy these days ;)

If you had another La Sardina DIY Edition, would you go about it differently? How? What would you use?

Well, maybe for the next Sardina, I would hopefully take a little bit more time, maybe something off plane, a bit more sculptural… I don’t know… or something with type… ja, probably that…

Any tips for someone who doesn’t know where to start with theirs?

That’s a hard one ;) no, no tips actually… I mean, go for it… ah, yeah, and think 3 dimensional… because you are holding a piece of product design in your hands… and not just a sheet of paper…

Oliver Hofmann

Any interesting projects lined up for you this year?

Well, ja, definitely, there is some interesting work coming up for our studio, especially during the summer… and then, for myself, also in summer, I will start to work on an illustrated book for kids, where I will do the layout and the illustrations… this is going to be a lotta fun I think, really looking forward to that!

With the new La Sardina DIY Edition you can have it all your own way! Put your artistic talent to good use and decorate it any way you want. Thanks to the interchangeable panels and special ink permeable material, letting your imagination loose on the La Sardina DIY couldn’t be more fun!

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