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For this week’s locations feature, a community member went off the beaten track and found himself shooting at a place favored by a more “mature” clientele.

Photo by icuresick

icuresick visited a popular place in his country for lovers…a bustling corner in Sta. Mesa, Manila, which is filled with various motels while also being a residential area and oftentimes also heavy with traffic.

Given that (some) motels in the Philippines serve a different purpose compared to motels in other countries, which are often meant as a temporary address for travelers, icuresick fills us in on what this “busy” part of Sta. Mesa is all about:

“The Philippines, being a country with extended families, sometimes lacks private places at home for married couples. At night, they often sleep with their children in one room, so for some romantic time together they check-in at some motels.

These are not the usual motels where you check-in after long travel or a road trip. These were created for “quickies” or short-time stay, 3 hours minimum.

Occupying three major roads, these motels can easily be seen by people riding public transportation."

Photo by icuresick

Funny but true at the same time, icuresick features a location that might still be considered as taboo to some conservative folks but he has managed to make the article light while also steering it into a more wholesome angle.

If you’re interested to learn more about this worst-kept secret, read his full article here. Enjoy!

Photo by icuresick

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