One with Nature: Bohol Island


Don’t know where to go for a vacation? Why not try going to Bohol, Philippines on your next travel!

A famous vacation spot for tourists and locals alike, Bohol is famous for its abundant and stunning natural sights. Bohol is located south and is about an hour’s plane ride from Manila.

Earlier this year, I’ve had the chance to go there with some of my friends. We visited Panglao Island and Danao Eco-Adventure Park for some extreme nature tripping.

So, here are the must-go sites if you’re a nature lover/ adventurer while in Bohol:

Bohol Butterfly Farm
Lots of friendly little butterflies and the tour guides are entertaining too!

Man Made Forest
Composed of a long stretch of mahogany trees, it’s the first and only man-made forest in the Philippines.

Tarsier Conservation Area
This enclosure houses one of the endangered and smallest species in the Philippines. An average full grown tarsier fits in a person’s hand.

There are plenty of them here too. Plus you can also go dolphin watching or snorkeling if you’d like. If you choose to go dolphin watching, be prepared to wake up very early to catch a glimpse of them.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol
One of the things that Bohol is famous for, the Chocolate Hills are aptly named for their dark brown color during the summer season. Our tour guide said that these hills are made from limestone and dead corals that once sprung from the seabed.

Danao Adventure Park
This is where extreme adventures get exciting! They have lots of outdoor activities such as wall climbing, ziplines and cable car rides. Thrill seekers go here for “the plunge” – which is a 50 meter drop before being swung into a canyon 300 meters wide. For 700 PHP or roughly $16 – $17 you’ll be able to take the plunge.

Be sure to enjoy all these if you get the chance to go to Bohol!

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