The Panmure Fencible Historic Reserve


You can drive pass the same beautiful location everyday and never have time to stop, get out, and take some photos. Last week, I made the most of the sunny weather and explored a reserve that I regularly drive pass on my way to work – The Panmure Fencible Historic Reserve.

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The Panmure Fencible Historic Reserve – one of the four settlements in Auckland – house the Stone Cottage that was initially occupied by Thomas and Jane Finch of Alexandra who were part of the Royal New Zealand Fencible Corps. The Fencibles were retired soldiers from Britain and Ireland that acted as a defense force for the protection of the early settlers in Auckland, New Zealand back in the mid 1800s.

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I drive pass this reserve on a frequent basis as I head to work. The historical stone building is a beautiful sight as it is comfortably nested in a beautiful garden with the lovely trimmed plants and blossoming flowers during the better seasons. The reserve is enclosed by a charming white picket fence with wooden benches allowing you to relax and take in your environment.

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The Stone Cottage is currently owned by the Auckland City Council and turned into a museum which is opened to the public every second Sunday of each month or via arrangement. Although the reserve is now surrounded by shops and residential housing, it provides a slice of heaven amongst the busy urban life.

Taken with a Lubitel 166B

The Fencible Historic Reserve is an exquisite local location filled with history and beauty and is a worthwhile visit for anyone that needs a break from their busy urban life.

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