US CitySlicker MoK: Nature Abhors a Vacuum, But She Adores Cameras

One of the greatest things about Northern California living is the beautiful nature that surrounds us here. For this article, I have chosen to feature a couple of locations that I like to visit to relax. They are also great spots to take a camera (or two) for great nature photos.

The first place I would like to take you is Lake Sonoma.

Lake Sonoma is located in heart of the Northern California Wine Country in Healdsburg, California. It is the manmade lake created by the construction of Warm Springs Dam.

There are several trails that’ll lead you down to the lakeshore that are fit for hiking and horseback riding.

The trails also provide many vistas for great landscape or panoramic photos.

The Native forests of Oak and Manzanita trees are home to many woodland creatures. They startle easily, so if you intend to photograph any, you’ll need to do so with stealth.

Once you reach the lakeshore, feel free to take a swim, or even the boat.

Even garbage left behind can provide an interesting shot. However, we all must make a concerted effort to leave only our footprints behind.

Lake Sonoma is a great place for outdoor recreation, but our next destination provides a peace and tranquility that you’ll find in few places.

The second destination on our trip takes us further north on Highway 101, to a spot on the Russian River near Cloverdale, California. This is where I go for some summer loving.

When I was a kid, I had thought that it was called the Rushin’ River, and I pictured a torrent of raging rapids and swirling eddies. That may be so in some places, but as you can see, there are places where you can relax the entire day away from any torrent.

I love to walk along the banks, foraging for the wild blackberries that grow there.

And if you look real close, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll (Do you see it?) find.

Both of these places are beautiful in their own right, but what would result if you married the two bodies of water together? Amazing multiple exposures!

I hope you enjoyed the photos, but the water waits!

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