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Disc Golf is a growing sport not only in Las Vegas but around the country. I’ve been around the sport for my entire life and decided to shed light on what it is and has become in Las Vegas.

For this month’s topic I chose to enjoy nature while playing a sport I love and one that isn’t entirely well known, that being disc golf. Disc golf is very much like ball golf in that the premise of the sport is the same and the scoring is the same. To play disc golf, the most essential components are: a basket (to catch the disc you’re throwing), three discs (a driver, a midrange, and a putter), and a fairway is needed to throw your disc from the teebox or wherever you plan to begin to the basket itself.

The sport has been around in Las Vegas since the first course was established in 1978. It resides in Sunset park, a residential park in the heart of the Las Vegas valley. I visited Mountain Crest park, its much closer to my home and is much smaller than Sunset park. Mountain Crest park is much newer compared to Sunset, its was established in 2003.

Las Vegas has five courses in total, however, a new course was just completed on a ski lift at Mt Charleston, the highest mountain closest to Las Vegas, just 45 minutes away from the city. The weather on the mountain is 30 degrees cooler than that in the city, making the disc golf course extremely desirable for players who can’t brave the 100+ temperatures during the summer months.

The most frequented courses are Sunset Park and Mountain Crest Park. The Las Vegas disc golf club holds monthly tournaments at both of these parks. First beginning at sunset park in January, then the next month flipping to mountain crest park and continuing this trend throughout the year. These tournaments are called monthly bag tags, meaning that however you place, you receive a tag for your golf bag which represents your ranking in the tournament. These bag tags help to show others how well you did in the tournament.

The Las Vegas disc golf club also holds nationally ranked tournaments throughout the year, the largest is in the last week in February. This tournament draws in hundreds of professional and amateur players to Sunset park to compete against one another for cash and prizes.

Disc golf is such a fun sport to take photos of because of the beautiful scenery around it. The courses in Las Vegas offer sparse trees surrounding mostly flat hills with green grass, perfect for the game. Most large sporting good stores provide discs for sale. Practically any big city offers a free course such as my own, so if you’re looking to get into the sport grab some discs and check it out!

The Las Vegas disc golf club website
The professional disc golf website (also showing courses and clubs in your area)

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