Our Favorite Boutique in Madison Wisconsin Pop Deluxe tells all!


Pop Deluxe has been a Lomography loving boutique since the very start. And we love them too! They were kind enough to host a Meetup this summer when we took a trip to the great state of Wisconsin! After enjoying probably too many fried cheese curds, we had a great Meetup and can’t wait to return. And a bonus interview with the owner of Pop Deluxe Amber Westerman!

We had a great time and met some awesome people at the Meetup!

Owner Amber Westerman tells all about what it’s like to run the coolest boutique in Madison!

Tell us about Pop Deluxe!
A: Pop Deluxe is a shining beacon of hope in a sea of endless retail. A hand curated shop of cute, clever, cool, interesting and fun products. Something for everyone, that is if everyone wants something awesome.

What inspires you?
A: My crazy kids. My husband John’s gardens. State Parks. Walks in the wilderness. Delicious food. Craft cocktails. Seeing people doing what they want and changing their ideas of what success means.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Madison?
A: Ride bikes. My oldest son just ditched his training wheels and it’s like a whole new world opened up. And it moves fast.

What do you love about analog?
A: No takebacks or do overs. The agony of waiting to finish the roll and have your film developed. Real photos in your hand. Blur, lightleaks, originality.

What is your favorite place to take pictures in Madison?
A: The grocery store.

Favorite camera?
A: Sprocket Rocket. Love that wide angle lens and the ability to move forward/backward on a roll. So cool.

Favorite Film?
A: Lady Grey. I love the tones and how smooth it looks, even in low light.

Why do you love to take pictures?
A: Captures time in a fantastic way. Makes you appreciate it more, ‘cause it’s all we got!

Do you have any advice for future boutique owners such as yourself?
A: Stop trying to get better at shit you aren’t good at to begin with. Put your energy into the things that you do best and hire out the rest. Hook up with a trustworthy accountant from the get go; the more sets of eyes, the better.

Lomo forever!!

Check out Pop Deluxe online, and stop in the next time you visit Madison!

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