How to Achieve Perfect Silhouette Doubles


Lomographers from all over the world love doing doubles but have you tried silhouette doubles? All you need is your favorite camera, some sun, and a bit of imagination. Read on to find out how to create perfect silhouette doubles every time even if your camera doesn’t have an MX button, like the Polaroid Spectra.

Lubitel+ Silhouette Doubles

My first silhouette double was actually an accident: I was using the Lubitel+ to take pictures at a local farm and on that day, the sun was particularly bright so I wanted to create just a dark silhouette against the bright sun. But, I forgot to advance the film to the next frame, so my next shot of apples was doubled over the silhouette, and I fell in love with result.

So here’s how to create it for yourself:

1. Load your favorite camera with film
2. On a sunny day, take your camera and friend outdoors
3. While looking through the viewfinder of the camera, line up the sun behind your friend’s head
4. Take a shot and DO NOT advance to the next frame
5. Pick what you want the inside of your silhouette to be
6. Take a shot and advance to the next frame
7. Develop as usual and see the amazing results!

Diana Mini Silhouette Doubles

This tip is easily applied to cameras that have an MX button or cameras like the Lubitel+ and Diana Mini where advancing the film and the shutter are uncoupled. But if your favorite camera doesn’t have this feature or an MX button, don’t fret, there’s always a way!

For example, I just love using my Polaroid Spectra, and to create the silhouette doubles below, I use the self-timer feature.

1. Load spectra film into Spectra camera
2. Turn on the self timer (you’ll hear a countdown)
3. While looking through the viewfinder, line up the sun behind your subject and wait for the countdown to end, then the camera will take the shot
4. Now close the camera
5. Open the camera and now you are ready for the double (you’ll hear the countdown as so as you open it again)
6. Wait for the camera to take the second shot
7. Leaving the camera opened, turn off the self timer and it will eject the film

Polaroid Spectra Silhouette Doubles

You can also find articles on Lomography on how to create doubles with a particular camera like the Horizon Perfekt or the Instax Cameras which also don’t have MX feature or uncoupled advance and shutters.

Doubles with Horizon Perfekt by guitarleo

Doubles with the Instax Camera by dearjme

So now there’s nothing stopping you from creating super silhouette doubles!

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    @dearjme, Thanks! @chichou007, Summer time is the best time to try it too since the sun is always out, looking forward to seeing your shots!

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    @deathcatzombie @sea-blue-monkeys @samtax @liquorice @twinklecat @antomorr @klaryssa @marcustegtmeier ♥Thanks Everyone♥ This community is just full of creativity so I'd love to see what everyone comes up with! @natalieerachel @nigelk Check your Spectra cams to see if you have the self-timer feature, if you don't, no worries I have another way of doing doubles with the Spectra so just send me a message if you need further info :)

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    If I am using 400 ISO film, should I set my camera to 800 ISO?

  26. vtayeh
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    @badjuju for all of these shots I set the camera for 400iso if I was using 400 iso film, I didn't change the camera settings for the multiple exposures. When you shot the first frame, make sure you have a large part of the shot blocking the sun which should give a very clear distinction or shape that will be filled in on the next shot over it. Hope this helps!

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