There's Something About Huntington

2012-07-19 2

Huntington is just a charming little place. Here’s to trying to figure out why I love this place so much.

Credits: stuckintraffic

I’ll go ahead and say it: Of all the beaches I’ve ever been to my whole life, Huntington Beach is my favorite. I don’t particularly know why. I just really love everything about it. I’ve been to Huntington Beach quite a few times already but it never gets old. How do I love thee, let me (attempt) to count the ways:

Credits: stuckintraffic

1) My Lomography roots started there. I had some photos from my first (and favorite) roll there.

My personal all-time favorite

2) The whole of Huntington Beach, with its posh neighborhood vibe, is an absolutely pleasant place to be in. We walked around the neighborhood, went shopping in some stores, and ate yummy Japanese food there. It’s a lovely place.

Credits: stuckintraffic

2) I like it so much when it’s deserted. I can just imagine a perfect day in HB – chilling on a blanket, reading a good book under a cool breezy sky.

Credits: stuckintraffic

3) But I like it with people too. It’s HB Surf City after all.

The tiny black dots are surfers!
Credits: stuckintraffic

4) It’s a nice place to be with someone special.

Credits: stuckintraffic

5) It’s something like an old movie.

Credits: stuckintraffic

I can’t wait to go back.

Credits: stuckintraffic

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  1. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    wonderful photos! humahataw ka ata ngayon sa articles haha

  2. bowcutie333
    bowcutie333 ·

    awesome!!! Love Huntington beach<3

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